1-In the year 99

In the cave of Patmos the last apostle John prophesies the comimg of The Beast and his number 666 which will initiate the end of time. It is all witten in the last chapter of the bible "the Revalation" or Apocalyps

2-Around 1300

The fairytale The three Princis of Serendip was published in Perzia.

3-Around 1754

The word Serendipity came to earth. ( Horace Wapole, 1754 )

4-Around the year 1900

The great inventor Nikola Tesla postulate that all allready exists and it only needs to be revealed. It's the Revelation assumption of Tesla. He did not know the word serendipity!!

5-Around the year 1920

Quantum mechanics was discovered. See Wikipedia

6-In the year 1956

First appearence of the Multiverse in 1956 by Hugh Everettt at the age of 24 in The Theory of the Universal Wave Function. It was rejected by the other scientists.

And in 2018 Serendipity is his verifier.

7-In the year 1999

Alfred J.Bollebakker a.k.a. The Beast crack the "666" code.

8-In the year 2001  ( The 2001-2030 Project )

Alfred J.Bollebakker and The Beast promissed themselves to make all allright ( past, now, future ) with and end date of 2030. See here for the journey.

9-In the year 2004

The word Serendipity was discoverd by Alfred J J.Bollebakker and The Beast in the KIVI-building in The Haque, The Netherlands

10-In the year 2006

The word Serendipity was combined with 2 other words, Efficiency and Project, into a triangle. See ESP-traingle

11-In the years 2006 -2014 the Blue Sky Index was Revealed

The Blue Sky Index can be used as a Multiworld Controller

Eric Verlinde came with a new theory where gravity and time are emergent See Wikipedia

Alfred J. finds it perculiar that all scientists forgot the Will as a fundamental force. P=GoalxWillxWay    see also E=PM2

12-On the 6th of May 2021 this article came in the "Volkskrant"

See Article where an important statement is made that "we are probably quantummechanical beings"

So the Maya's were allways right. Around 2012 the old world has come to an end. It wil be replaced for a timeless Multiworld where everything is possible under BSI-conditions.

So Welcome to the timeless multiworld where you have to learn dual thinking, Quanta and Flesh.